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How it all began...

The idea for Travel Nurse Tax comes from our founder Joseph Conte's personal story and experience. Joseph's wife was a healthcare traveler and through their experiences on the road and the many travelers they met along the way, Joseph a CPA at the time, realized the complexities involved in traveler taxes was something that created a lot anxiety and confusion in the Travel Nurse and allied healthcare travel community.

What started as a quest to help a small group of Travel nurses prepare and file their tax returns developed into a passion of serving and providing financial peace of mind to this group of healthcare professionals.  After 20 years and thousands of travelers served, Joseph and his team of travel nurse tax experts are still as excited and passionate as they were the first day.  

Joseph Conte, Founder of Travel Nurse Tax and CPA

Joseph Conte

Founder, Cpa

Joseph, is the founder of Travel Nurse Tax, and his experience includes working for several years at the largest and most well respected accounting firms in the world.  While these firms provided a good service, they were often expensive and impersonable. For these reasons, early in his career, Joseph realized that launching his own practice would be the best way to provide the level of service that clients deserved. 

Upon launching his tax practice, his first tax clients included friends and colleagues of his wife, who was (and still is, on occasion), a travel nurse. 

Aware that many of these travelers had not been receiving adequate tax preparation services, Joseph set out to build a tax practice that provided expert and affordable tax preparation to travel professionals. 

With a focus on leveraging technology and providing excellent customer service, our business grew rapidly. Today, we operate a fully independent tax preparation firm, and our dedicated team of 4 serves both travelers and non-travelers all across the United States.


Operations Manager - Lead Tax Preparer

Dan has been in the field for over 9 years. He is the Operations Officer for our firm and lead tax preparer. He has a vast knowledge of the travel tax laws and procedures needed to be a travel professional.

Get started with a FREE* Consultation today!

*There is an initial $30 consultation fee which will be deducted from your tax preparation fee if you choose to use our services. 

Dan Maurer - Operations Manager and Lead Tax preparer

Dan Maurer


Nice Nurse

Sarah B. 
Via Google Reviews

I am so glad another travel nurse recommended Joe and his team. I have used their service for two years now and I have been very impressed by their professionalism and the speed with which they are able to prepare my taxes. This year I worked W2, 1099, and in 2 states. Joe and his team had my taxes prepped within a couple days (including the weekend). Knowing that my taxes are prepared property is priceless and I have complete confidence in the Travel Nurse Tax team.

Male Nurse

John M.
Via Google Reviews

Mike Greco and Joe Conte have made the onboarding process for submitting my information for the 2022 tax year a breeze. This is my first tax year as a travel nurse and they are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and personable, and they took time to answer my questions and made sure I was comfortable with the process. I highly recommend the team at Travel Nurse Tax.

Smiling Nurse

Rita B.
Via Google Reviews

Travel Nurse Tax and the owner, Joe, have been my preferred tax company since 2013. As a travel nurse working in three different states annually while claiming a completely different home state; they kept my taxes in check. After a bad experience with another company and owing the IRS thousands, I was hesitant to try someone new. Joe eased all of my fears by always being available and responsive to my needs. He’s is very caring, genuine, and treats each client as an individual! Even while serving in the Air Force both domestically and abroad, he continued to prepare my taxes. I cannot say one bad thing about Joe except I haven’t had the pleasure to meet him in person. TRAVEL NURSE TAX IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO!!


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